Acotes Hill (AKA Chepachet) Cemetery, Chepachet, Providence, Rhode Island, USA


Acotes Hill (AKA Chepachet) Cemetery

Acotes Hill Cemetery AKA Chepachet Cemetery, is on the Putnam Pike, Route 44, where it merges with Route 102 in Glocester, Providence County, Rhode Island. This cemetery was called Matony before 1800, this hill was renamed when an itinerant half-breed peddler known only as Acote mysteriously died of a fatal wound and a fall downstairs in Kimball Hotel. Acote was buried in an unmarked grave on the west side of the hill. In June of 1842, the hill was the site of an "armed but bloodless" confrontation between Thomas Wilson Dorr's "People's Rights" faction and Samuel Ward King's "Law & Order" party. Dorr eventually surrendered, was tried and sentenced to life imprisonment for high treason, but was released within a few years as a result of public outcry. A monument to Dorr's memory was erected at Acote's Hill in 1912.

Latitude: 41.9082817, Longitude: -71.664590


 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Esther (Steere) Noyes gravestone
Esther (Steere) Noyes gravestone
Located    STEERE Esther (d. 8 Jul 1994)
Harold Greenough Noyes gravestone
Harold Greenough Noyes gravestone
Located    NOYES Harold Greenough (d. 12 May 1960)