Dartmouth College Cemetery, Hanover, Grafton, New Hampshire, USA


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Dartmouth College Cemetery

Dartmouth College cemetery was founded in 1771 when Eleazar Wheelock set aside one acre of land for the use “as a burying ground for the use of the College and the inhabitants of this vicinity.” The first person to be buried there was John Maltby, Wheelock’s step son from his first marriage to Sarah Maltby. John Maltby died in Hanover from a fever during a visit.

The cemetery is the final resting place of eight college presidents Eleazar Wheelock (1769-1779), John Wheelock (1779-1815), Francis Brown (1815-1820), Nathan Lord (1828-1863), Asa Dodge Smith (1863-1877), Samuel Colcord Bartlett (1877-1892), William Jewett Tucker (1893-1909), John George Kemeny (1970-1981).

By 1845 the cemetery had fallen into disrepair, fences where broken, trees and shrubs were overgrown. In response, Rev. John Richards and many others including Professor Brown founded the Dartmouth Cemetery Association to “provide, hold and keep in repair suitable grounds and other conveniences in the vicinity of Dartmouth College for the burial of the dead and for that purpose to purchase and improve the whole or a part of the parcel of land now owned by Alpheus Crosby.” In the new space the lots were chosen in the order determined by drawing lots and 5 Dollars was paid by each purchaser. Access to it was obtained by a grant of land from the College which received in return certain lots for the use of the College. Another piece of land, down in the ravine, was given by Dr. Morris Smith a few years later. In 1851, the tomb and hearse house were built and a hearse was purchased. In 1884, a light footbridge was erected to connect the two parts which eventually became unsafe and was removed. By 1943, however, the Association had run out of money and the Town of Hanover took charge of the upkeep of the Cemetery.

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 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
John Merrill & Sarah Helen (Noyes) Poor gravestone

JAN. 28, 1871 - DEC. 11, 1933
MAR. 28, 1872 - MAY 11, 1951


Lot No. 20

1. Latitude: 43.7033200, Longitude: -72.2920600 
NOYES Sarah H. (d. Yes, date unknown)