McIndoe Falls AKA McIndoes Falls Cemetery, Barnet, Caledonia, Vermont, USA


Latitude: 44.2685400, Longitude: -72.0724900 | Click to get directions to McIndoe Falls AKA McIndoes Falls Cemetery
McIndoe Falls AKA McIndoes Falls Cemetery

The cemetery is located at the corner of Garland Hill and Symes Pond Roads at the west edge of McIndoes Falls, a village within the town of Barnet, Caledonia County, Vermont.

All 811 existant inscriptions in this cemetery were transcribed (and a couple dozen no-longer-marked graves marked on the plot map) by Wally Wallace in the summer of 2002. These memorials were downloaded from his website and submitted to findagrave, in abridged forms, by others.

The first burials in McIndoes village were in an enclosure roughly behind the (now closed) village grade school. When the railroad was built, a deep cut was made just back of this enclosure, which prevented any expansion. Land was bought just west of where Interstate Highway 91 would later be built and most of the bodies were moved there during the early years of the Civil War. There still remain the dust of a number of persons in the old location whose names and locations are not known and, occasionally, gravestone remnants still surface there to interfere with spring haying.

Until 2002, the Town's (and Sexton's) records of burials at the new location contained less than 30% of the burials recorded on gravestones, the 2002 transcription project corrected the omissions to the extent permitted by existent gravestones and burial records.

F.L.T. indicates a Rebekahs/Odd Fellows membership flag holder.

Row # Stone #s refer to location numbers on the cemetery map, lower-case letters after Stone # indicate stone location within the lot, as read left to right (to assist in proving relationships), omitted letters are plots without stones.

Compilation completed: Jul 30, 2002 by personal inspection of gravestones, supplemented, in the notes/bio fields by data from the sexton's files and the public vital record. An outdated plot map previously existed, this was brought current from cemetery records and on-the-ground measurements.

Two Gravestone remnants from the previous location of this cemetery are also listed, making this the most complete listing for this village's dead that can be compiled today.


 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Obed S. Hatch gravestone
Obed S. Hatch gravestone

Jan. 1st, 1859,
aged 69.

A soldier of the American army
in the war of 1813, between Great
Britain and America.

Located  1. Latitude: 44.2685400, Longitude: -72.0724900  CHASE Mary "Polly" (d. 11 Dec 1882)
Susannah T. (Holman) Hatch gravestone
Susannah T. (Holman) Hatch gravestone

Wife of
June 22, 1870,
AE. 56 y's 6 m's.

Located  2. Latitude: 44.2685400, Longitude: -72.0724900  LITTLEFIELD Samuel (d. 4 May 1888)