Corner AKA Old Corner Cemetery, Amesbury, Essex, Massachusetts, USA


Latitude: 42.85821396090624, Longitude: -70.92374056577682 | Click to get directions to Corner AKA Old Corner Cemetery
Corner AKA Old Corner Cemetery

Elm Street
Essex County
Massachusetts USA
Postal Code: 01913
Phone: 978-388-8116

The small burying ground known as the Corner Cemetery was one of the earliest in the West Parish of Salisbury (which was annexed to Amesbury in 1886). While the earliest marker dates from 1793, it is believed that early settlers may lie here in unmarked graves, although there is no record of its earliest beginnings. Numerous soldiers of the American Revolution are buried here, and the old familiar names of Morrill, Currier and Osgood predominate. It is believed that William Osgood, the first miller in the town, may be buried here as well, in that he lived on neighboring Congress Street. A private cemetery of unknown denominational affiliation for many years, care of this burial ground was assumed by the town of Amesbury in 1958.

There are approximately 500 stones with the earliest death date of 1793. In the MACRIS report, dated May 1989, the latest death date was 1943.

This cemetery is referred to as GR6 Burying Ground near Amesbury depot in the "Vital Records of Salisbury Massachusetts to the end of the year 1849."

The Massachusetts Historical Commission refers to this cemetery in MACRIS as AME.804 Corner Cemete


 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Capt. David Follansbee gravestone
Capt. David Follansbee gravestone
Located  1. Latitude: 42.85821396090624, Longitude: -70.92374056577682  Capt. FOLLANSBEE David F. (d. 3 May 1822)
Joshua & Mary (Little) (Sawyer) Follansbee gravestones
Joshua & Mary (Little) (Sawyer) Follansbee gravestones
Located  2. Latitude: 42.85821396090624, Longitude: -70.92374056577682  FOLLANSBEE Joshua (d. 26 Aug 1821)
LITTLE Mary (d. 28 Aug 1847)
Joshua Follansbee gravestone
Joshua Follansbee gravestone
Located  3. Latitude: 42.85821396090624, Longitude: -70.92374056577682  FOLLANSBEE Joshua (d. 26 Aug 1821)
Mary (Little) (Sawyer) Follansbee gravestone
Mary (Little) (Sawyer) Follansbee gravestone
Located  4. Latitude: 42.85821396090624, Longitude: -70.92374056577682  LITTLE Mary (d. 28 Aug 1847)