Clyman Center Cem AKA School Graveyard #3, Clyman, Dodge, Wisconsin, USA


Latitude: 43.32839, Longitude: -88.73767 | Click to get directions to Clyman Center Cem AKA School Graveyard #3
Clyman Center Cem AKA School Graveyard #3

For years the Clyman/School Number 3 Cemetery had gone unkempt and, for many passers-by, unacknowledged. Every 10 years or so the Daughters of the American Revolution would join forces and come out to clear out whatever brush they could get to in 1 day. Unfortunately over the years mainly vandals and a little of Mother Nature's wrath destroyed many of the headstones in this cemetery. This included one that marked the resting place of Revolutionary War soldier, Gershom Noyes.

In the 1980's there was a rough hand drawn map done as to where the discernable grave markers were. At that time, there were pieces of an old, rusted fence that were found around a smashed headstone. This location was believed to have been that of Gershom Noyes' resting place.

In 2000 Tim Zimmerman moved from his parents' house two houses to the west into the house directly to the west of the cemetery. Having lived right down the road from this cemetery his whole life, Tim knew of its existence.
Shortly after moving into the "house next door", Tim began trying to at least mow the cemetery.

Due to the immense brush, uneven ground and trash left from parties and bonfires that had been in the cemetery over the years, this was a chore that was easier said than done. A few of the neighbors had an interest in helping get the cemetery into a better state. With the help of Charles & Lynn Zimmerman, Dale & Mary Krueziger and Nikki Zimmerman (Tim's wife eff. 2002), enough of the brush was cleaned out to the point where Tim could mow most of the cemetery and some plants were planted to help beautify the area.

Shortly before Gershom Noyes' dedication in 2011, a few of the Sons of the American Revolution performed a major clean out in the cemetery taking down dead trees, clearing dead branches and helping to get rid of additional brush that no one had the time to get to previously. They also did what they could to try to pair up existing headstones to their bases, prop up the headstones that had fallen down and try to piece together those headstones that had been shattered. Some were smashed beyond recognition and those were placed on a pile near where they had been found. The end result was a night and day difference from the overgrown cemetery that existed before. Bill Kennedy [] 31 Aug 2011


 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Gershom Noyes memorial dedication ceremony
Gershom Noyes memorial dedication ceremony
27 May 2011 
Located  1. Latitude: 43.32839, Longitude: -88.73767  NOYES Gershom "Gashan" (d. 1 Oct 1850)
Gershom Noyes memorial plaque
Gershom Noyes memorial plaque

JUL 8 1764 OCT 1 1850

Located  2. Latitude: 43.32839, Longitude: -88.73767  NOYES Gershom "Gashan" (d. 1 Oct 1850)
Gershom Noyes memorial site
Gershom Noyes memorial site
Located  3. Latitude: 43.32839, Longitude: -88.73767  NOYES Gershom "Gashan" (d. 1 Oct 1850)