Grandview Cemetery, Kettle Falls, Stevens, Washington, USA


Latitude: 48.57602, Longitude: -118.10007 | Click to get directions to Grandview Cemetery
Grandview Cemetery

Grandview Cemetery was established about 1895. Today it is sometimes referred to as the "Old Kettle Falls Cemetery". Grandview or Old Kettle Falls Cemetery once served the original town of Kettle Falls Washington. In about 1939 when the Grand Coulée Dam was finished, the town was flooded when the reservoir behind the dam filled. The old town of Kettle Falls was located on the flats below the cemetery. The town was moved before the waters rose and Kettle Falls merged with another town called Meyers Falls. The new town took the name of Kettle Falls and is located about 5.1 km NE of the cemetery.

Grandview Cemetery overlooks the areas currently called Old Kettle Recreation Site and also the mouth of the Colville River. The cemetery is severely neglected and has been largely abandoned since the towns move. Trees, brush and weeds have overgrown the cemetery. The cemetery is fenced with a modern chain link fence and a new sign was erected at some point. The fenced area is very large but does not seem to have burials in all locations. You can still identify the original roadways and design of the cemetery and at one time it must have been very nice and been well planned out.

Directions –
To get to Grandview Cemetery go west on Highway 395. Pass through the town of Kettle falls and keep driving west on 395 until you are almost to Lake Roosevelt. Right before the bridge that crosses over Lake Roosevelt turn left on Boise Rd. Follow Boise Rd and it will turn into Kettle Park Rd. Kettle Park Rd ends at Lake Roosevelt and there is a turn around with picnic tables and a view of the lake. Right before you enter the turn around there is an unmarked dirt road to your left (actually called Carson Flats Rd.) Turn on this dirt unmaintained road and follow it until you see the cemetery on your left. An unlocked gate can be found farther up the road.


 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Almond R. Noyes - Civil War marker
Almond R. Noyes - Civil War marker
Located  1. Latitude: 48.57602, Longitude: -118.10007  NOYES Almond R. (d. 4 May 1915)