Hillside Cemetery, Sharon, Litchfield, Connecticut, USA


Hillside Cemetery

This is the verbiage from the 1903 book "Burying Ground of Sharon, Connecticut, Amenia and North East, New York" by L. Van Alstyne:

"The 'Sharon Burying Ground,' as originally laid out is only a small part of what has since been called 'Hillside Cemetery.' Just when it was first used for a burying ground, or from whom the land was purchased does not now appear."

It goes on to indicate that the First Town Meeting in 1739 makes reference to the old part, which was probably laid out shortly after that meeting.

Latitude: 41.88240, Longitude: -73.47839


 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Capt. Stephen & Lois (Lovell) Sears gravestone
Capt. Stephen & Lois (Lovell) Sears gravestone
Located  Latitude: 41.88240, Longitude: -73.47839  LOVELL Lois (d. 10 Oct 1838)
Capt. SEARS Stephen (d. 31 Mar 1812)
Hannah (Selden) Noyes gravestone
Hannah (Selden) Noyes gravestone

Monument is erected
to perpetuate the Memory of
Mrs. Hannah Noyes.
Consort of Mr. Moses Noyes
who departed this life Sept.
28th 1805 in the 79th year
of her age.

Located  Latitude: 41.88240, Longitude: -73.47839  SELDEN Hannah (d. 28 Sep 1805)
Seldon Noyes
Seldon Noyes

Seldon Noyes
only son of
Mopses and Mary
Noyes Died
May 22, 1794
aged ten years

[epitaph unreadable]

Located  Latitude: 41.88240, Longitude: -73.47839  NOYES Selden (d. 22 May 1794)