Salisbury Plains Burying Ground, Amesbury, Essex, Massachusetts, USA



Latitude: 42.85920, Longitude: -70.90560
Salisbury Plains Burying Ground

Salisbury Plains Cemetery was established in 1640 and is located on Monroe St. in Amesbury. The location the cemetery is on was formerly part of Salisbury. The town of Salisbury was incorporated in 1638. Amesbury was incorporated in 1668 but settled in 1642. This area was known as West Salisbury until it was later incorporated into Amesbury.


 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Archelaus Adams gravestone
Archelaus Adams gravestone

carved by Robert Fowle

Located  Latitude: 42.85920, Longitude: -70.90560  ADAMS Archelaus (d. 1 Jan 1783)
Edmund Noyes, Jr. gravestone
Edmund Noyes, Jr. gravestone
Located    NOYES Edmund, Jr. (d. 20 Mar 1799)
Joseph Noyes gravestone
Joseph Noyes gravestone
Located    NOYES Joseph (d. 26 Jan 1796)