Old Burying Ground AKA Old Burying Hill, Old North Burying Groun, Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts, USA


Latitude: 42.68610, Longitude: -70.84220 | Click to get directions to Old Burying Ground AKA Old Burying Hill, Old North Burying Groun
Old Burying Ground AKA Old Burying Hill, Old North Burying Groun

63 High Street
Essex County
Massachusetts USA
Postal Code: 01938
Phone: 978-356-6643

This cemetery is referred to as GR1 Old Burying Hill in the "Vital Records of Ipswich, Massachusetts to the end of the year 1849".

Even though this cemetery is abutting the Highland Cemetery it is considered by the Ipswich cemetery department to be a separate cemetery.

"The Old Burying Ground / 1634/ Ipswich Historical Commission" also known as Old North Burying Ground or Highland Cemetery - on High Street, Ipswich, Essex Co, MA.


 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Daniel & Joseph Noyes gravestone
Daniel & Joseph Noyes gravestone

In Memory of
Daniel Noyes
Junr born Sept 11th
1764 and died
Decemr 9th 1789

Joseph Noyes
born March 25th
1770 and died
Sept 30th 1775

Located  1. Latitude: 42.68461, Longitude: -70.84221  NOYES Daniel, Jr. (d. 9 Dec 1789)
NOYES Joseph (d. 28 Sep 1775)
Daniel Rogers gravestone
Daniel Rogers gravestone

Here Lyes Buried ye
Body of DANIEL
ROGERS, Esq. Who
Decd Decembr ye 1st 1722
AEtat. 56

Turbidus ad Laetos Solari Lumine Portus
Souicitos Nautas per mare fert Aquilo:

Me Borealis Agens Nilidum super Aetheris Axem
Justitiae Solis Luce beavit Hvems.

May be translated freely :

The stormy North wind drives the anxious sailors over the sea to the harbors rejoicing in the sim light.

The northem Winter, bearing me above the blasts, has blessed [me] with the light of the Sun of Righteousness.

Located  2. Latitude: 42.68461, Longitude: -70.84221  ROGERS Daniel, Esq. (d. 1 Dec 1722)
Sarah Noyes gravestone
Sarah Noyes gravestone

In memory of
Miƒs Sarah Noyes
Daughter of
Daniel Noyes Eƒq. &
Mrs. Sarah his wife, who
died March 28th 1792
Ætatis 19

So vanishes our peace, so pass our days:
So life but opens now, and now decays:
The cradle and the tomb alas! so nigh;
To live is scarce distinguish'd from to die.

Located  3. Latitude: 42.68461, Longitude: -70.84221  NOYES Sarah (d. 28 Mar 1792)