Ninety Six Cemetery, La Cygne Corner, Linn, Kansas, USA


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Ninety Six Cemetery

Ninety Six Cemetery (Spangler - Sugar Creek) Sec 32 T19 R25 - This cemetery had its beginning with the death of Sophia Spangler, daughter of the landowner Henry Spangler, September 22, 1859. An old Secretary book bears the name of Spangler Cemetery Association, and is dated 1859. On April 2, 1874 Mr. Spangler sold this parcel of land to J. Goodrick, James Kanady, __Archer, T. Dedo and John Chamberlain, trustees of Sugar Creek Cemetery, for the sum of $5. The Spangler Cemetery was reorganized March 1, 1881. At a special meeting held Aug. 10, 1900 the name was changed to Ninety Six Cemetery (the same as the school district). Families living in this area, so close to the Missouri Border, figured greatly in the early history of Linn County. - excerpt from the book 100 Cemeteries and Burial Sites in Linn County, Kansas


 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Charlotte A. Kenneda monument
Charlotte A. Kenneda monument
Located    [KENNEDA] Charlotte A. (d. 18 Apr 1876)
Jane (Merrill) Kenneda gravestone
Jane (Merrill) Kenneda gravestone
Located    MERRILL Jane Haley (d. 13 Jan 1866)