Golgotha Burial Ground, Amesbury, Essex, Massachusetts, USA


Latitude: 42.8474642, Longitude: -70.926940 | Click to get directions to Golgotha Burial Ground
Golgotha Burial Ground

Found on Rt. 110 (Macy St.),in Amesbury Massachusetts about a half a mile East. It is the first burial ground in Amesbury but there are no markers.


 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Golgotha Stone
Golgotha Stone
to the
First Settlers of Amesbury
Richard Currier
Thomas Barnard
Orlando Bagley
Anthony Colby
Thomas Macy
John Bailey
John Hoyt
John Colby
Philip Challis
Willaim Barnes
George Martin
William Huntington
Valentine Rowell
Henry Blaisdell
William Sargent
Edward Cottle
Jarret Haddon
John Weed
and their first burying ground
Amesbury Improvement Association 1903 
Located    BAGLEY Orlando (d. Yes, date unknown)
BAILY\BAYLY John, Jr. (d. Mar 1691)
BARNARD Thomas, Sr. (d. Abt 1677)
BARNES William (d. 14 Mar 1697/8)
BLAISDELL Henry, Sr. (d. CA 1707)
Lieut. CHALLIS Phillip (d. 1681)
COLBY John, Sr. (d. 11 Feb 1673/4)
COTTLE Edward (d. Yes, date unknown)
CURRIER Richard (d. 22 Feb 1686/7)
HADDON Jarrett (d. Abt 1689)
Serg. HOYT John, Sr. (d. 28 Feb 1687/8)
HUNTINGTON William (d. Abt 1689)
MACY Thomas, Sr. (d. 19 Apr 1682)
MARTIN George, Sr. (d. Between 19 Jan 1683/4 and 23 Nov 1686)
ROWELL Valentine (d. 17 May 1662)
SARGENT William, Sr. (d. Abt 1674)
Lieut. WEED John, Sr. (d. 15 Mar 1688/9)