Long Meadow Cemetery, Auburn, Rockingham, New Hampshire, USA


Latitude: 42.9726899, Longitude: -71.315710 | Click to get directions to Long Meadow Cemetery
Long Meadow Cemetery


 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Capt. Joseph Chase monument
Capt. Joseph Chase monument
Capt. Joseph Chase
Mehitable (Hall) Chase - wife
John Chase - son 
Located    CHASE John (d. 3 Jul 1863)
Capt. CHASE Joseph (d. 14 Sep 1841)
HALL Mehitable (d. 7 Jun 1882)
Charles Chase monument
Charles Chase monument
Charles Chase
Caroline Chase
Amelia Jameson (Underhill) Chase
Amanda (Underhill) Chase 
Located    CHASE Caroline (d. 10 Aug 1849)
CHASE Charles (d. 17 May 1892)
UNDERHILL Amanda (d. 12 Jan 1901)
UNDERHILL Amelia Jameson (d. 25 Feb 1859)
Isabella (McDole) Aiken gravestone
Isabella (McDole) Aiken gravestone
Located  1. Latitude: 42.9729048, Longitude: -71.3150747  MCDOLE Isabella (d. 18 Mar 1837)
Mehitable (Bradley) (Melvin) Dearborn gravestone
Mehitable (Bradley) (Melvin) Dearborn gravestone

To the Memory of
who departed this Life
February 11, 1825
in the LXXIX year of her age

Blessed are the dead who die in the

Located  2. Latitude: 42.9726899, Longitude: -71.315710  BRADLEY Mehitable (d. 11 Feb 1825)
Moody Chase, Sr. gravestone
Moody Chase, Sr. gravestone

Mr. Moody Chase
Departed this life
July 27, 1808.
AGED 64.

Located  3. Latitude: 42.9726899, Longitude: -71.315710  CHASE Moody, Sr. (d. 27 Jul 1808)
Pike Chase monument
Pike Chase monument
Wells Chase - grandfather of Pike Chase
Sarah (Hovey) Chase - grandmother
Benjamin Pike Chase - father
Molly (Hall) Chase - 1st wife B.P. Chase
Anna (Blasdell) Chase - mother of Pike; 2nd wife B.P. Chase
Mary Chase - 3rd wife of B.P. Chase
Stephen Chase - infant son B.P. & Anna Chase
infant daughter of B.P. & Anna Chase 
Located    BLASDELL Anna (d. 22 Feb 1808)
CHASE (d. 6 Mar 1806)
CHASE Benjamin Pike (d. 16 Mar 1852)
CHASE Mary (d. 15 Feb 1823)
CHASE Stephen (d. 4 May 1796)
CHASE Wells (d. 28 Dec 1824)
HALL Molly (d. 13 Dec 1790)
HOVEY Sarah (d. 5 Oct 1814)
Pike Chase monument
Pike Chase monument
Benjamin Chase, Sr. - brother of Pike Chase
Hannah (Hall) Chase - wife 
Located    CHASE Benjamin, Sr. (d. 5 May 1889)
HALL Hannah (d. 25 Feb 1876)
Pike Chase monument
Pike Chase monument
Frank D. Pike
Louise (Chase) Emery - wife, daughter of Benjamin & Hannah (Hall) Chase
Mary Currier (Chase) Emery - wife, daughter of Pike & Hannah (Lufkin) Chase 
Located    CHASE Louise (d. 18 Mar 1892)
CHASE Mary Currier (d. 1938)
EMERY Frank D. (d. 14 Sep 1914)
Pike Chase monument
Pike Chase monument
Pike Chase
Hannah S. (Lufkin) Chase - wife
Catherine T. Chase - daughter of Pike and Hannah Chase
Sarah Chase - daughter of B.P. & Anna Chase 
Located    CHASE Catherine Taylor (d. 10 Jan 1885)
CHASE Pike (d. 10 Oct 1898)
CHASE Sarah (d. 23 Dec 1882)
LUFKIN Hannah S. (d. 26 Feb 1891)
Samuel Aiken gravestone
Samuel Aiken gravestone
Located  4. Latitude: 42.9729048, Longitude: -71.3150747  AIKEN Samuel (d. 4 Jan 1825)