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1 Noyes Family Genealogy This family history of the NOYES surname is an ongoing 55+ year effort to combine various source materials into one centralized repository for this historically famous family. My work originally was based on the two-volume set by Col. Henry E. Noyes--Genealogical Record of Some of the Noyes Descendants of James, Nicholas and Peter Noyes, published in 1904. Although this entire work is included in this database, nearly 700 additional sources have been added over the years with literally thousands of citations to these various sources. The work is by no means complete, however, this site is dedicated to sharing what has been pieced together to date. If you find material that may be of use in your research, please feel free to use any pertinent information. Any corrections and additions to this work would be most appreciated. 120,422 49,048 6,148 
2 Old North Yarmouth, Maine This database was originally based on "Old Times In North Yarmouth, Maine" by Augustus W. Corliss; however, information included in the database has now been greatly expanded from numerous other sources. 32,828 10,992 1,375 
3 Tasker Database  1,188 331 315 
4 x-Caribou High School class of 1964 deceased  1,033 495 99 
5 z-Bible Genealogy  5,648 2,681 1