Springfield, Sullivan, New Hampshire


Tree: Noyes Family Genealogy

Latitude: 43.4950000, Longitude: -72.0338900


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CAMPBELL Lucretia D.  21 Jun 1831Springfield, Sullivan, New Hampshire I20662
2 JOHNSON Hannah  6 Mar 1816Springfield, Sullivan, New Hampshire I13985
3 LITTLE Amos  27 Feb 1796Springfield, Sullivan, New Hampshire I107303
4 LITTLE Elizabeth  9 Oct 1787Springfield, Sullivan, New Hampshire I107300
5 LITTLE John  17 Jun 1789Springfield, Sullivan, New Hampshire I107301
6 LITTLE Joseph  14 Jun 1780Springfield, Sullivan, New Hampshire I107299
7 LITTLE Samuel  20 May 1778Springfield, Sullivan, New Hampshire I107298
8 LITTLE Sarah  10 Oct 1791Springfield, Sullivan, New Hampshire I107302
9 LORENCY Emma  Springfield, Sullivan, New Hampshire I89748
10 NOYES Caroline P.  11 Jul 1822Springfield, Sullivan, New Hampshire I12276
11 Prof. NOYES Daniel James, D.D.  17 Sep 1811Springfield, Sullivan, New Hampshire I12215
12 NOYES Ebenezer  17 May 1798Springfield, Sullivan, New Hampshire I12241
13 NOYES Eliza  Springfield, Sullivan, New Hampshire I12244
14 NOYES Ellen E.  25 Oct 1843Springfield, Sullivan, New Hampshire I12249
15 NOYES Ellen Eliza  30 Dec 1829Springfield, Sullivan, New Hampshire I72918
16 NOYES Guy H.  1885Springfield, Sullivan, New Hampshire I12258
17 NOYES Hugh Charles  30 Aug 1890Springfield, Sullivan, New Hampshire I12259
18 Capt. NOYES James  Abt 1789Springfield, Sullivan, New Hampshire I12239
19 NOYES James Edwin, Sr.  13 Jul 1844Springfield, Sullivan, New Hampshire I2608
20 NOYES John B.  5 Aug 1828Springfield, Sullivan, New Hampshire I15027
21 Hon. NOYES John Weare  14 Jan 1810Springfield, Sullivan, New Hampshire I12214
22 NOYES Lucy  Springfield, Sullivan, New Hampshire I12246
23 NOYES Lura E.  1883Springfield, Sullivan, New Hampshire I12257
24 NOYES Lydia A.  18 Feb 1845Springfield, Sullivan, New Hampshire I12250
25 NOYES Mary  Springfield, Sullivan, New Hampshire I12242
26 NOYES Mary J.  26 Jul 1847Springfield, Sullivan, New Hampshire I12251
27 NOYES Millie M.  29 Jul 1824Springfield, Sullivan, New Hampshire I72919
28 NOYES Moses  9 Sep 1811Springfield, Sullivan, New Hampshire I12245
29 NOYES Moses "Charles"  3 Jul 1852Springfield, Sullivan, New Hampshire I12253
30 NOYES Sarah  Springfield, Sullivan, New Hampshire I12243
31 NOYES Sarah J.  25 Feb 1833Springfield, Sullivan, New Hampshire I12277
32 NOYES Stephen  12 Apr 1796Springfield, Sullivan, New Hampshire I12240
33 NOYES Stephen S.  9 Aug 1801Springfield, Sullivan, New Hampshire I9039
34 NOYES Susan Florilla "Flora"  18 Feb 1854Springfield, Sullivan, New Hampshire I12254
35 NOYES William H.  2 Sep 1850Springfield, Sullivan, New Hampshire I12252
36 PHILBRICK Sarah  29 Jul 1798Springfield, Sullivan, New Hampshire I12274
37 SAWYER John  29 Aug 1802Springfield, Sullivan, New Hampshire I79748
38 SAWYER William  12 Aug 1804Springfield, Sullivan, New Hampshire I12288


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 LOVERIN Hittey  24 Mar 1841Springfield, Sullivan, New Hampshire I37420
2 NOYES Ellen Eliza  8 Sep 1840Springfield, Sullivan, New Hampshire I72918
3 Capt. NOYES James  10 Sep 1842Springfield, Sullivan, New Hampshire I12239
4 PHILBRICK Abraham  24 Apr 1852Springfield, Sullivan, New Hampshire I37419


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 FOLLANSBEE Mary H.  1905Springfield, Sullivan, New Hampshire I76392
2 HEATH Uriah  Aft 4 Mar 1865Springfield, Sullivan, New Hampshire I76391
3 NOYES Daniel, Esqr.  Aft 5 Aug 1812Springfield, Sullivan, New Hampshire I12183
4 NOYES Ellen Eliza  Aft 8 Sep 1840Springfield, Sullivan, New Hampshire I72918
5 Capt. NOYES James  Aft 10 Sep 1842Springfield, Sullivan, New Hampshire I12239
6 NOYES John  Aft 11 Jan 1848Springfield, Sullivan, New Hampshire I11507
7 NOYES Millie M.  Aft 16 Feb 1846Springfield, Sullivan, New Hampshire I72919
8 NOYES Moses  Aft 5 Nov 1884Springfield, Sullivan, New Hampshire I12245
9 NOYES Sarah E.  Aft 4 Jul 1831Springfield, Sullivan, New Hampshire I72920
10 NOYES Stephen  Aft 28 Feb 1852Springfield, Sullivan, New Hampshire I12240
11 WEBSTER Elizabeth  Aft 18 Dec 1848Springfield, Sullivan, New Hampshire I12238


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 BROWN Mary Jane  21 Aug 1850Springfield, Sullivan, New Hampshire I2607
2 FOLLANSBEE Mary H.  12 Jul 1860Springfield, Sullivan, New Hampshire I76392
3 HEATH Albert A.  12 Jul 1860Springfield, Sullivan, New Hampshire I76394
4 HEATH Amanda  12 Jul 1860Springfield, Sullivan, New Hampshire I76393
5 HEATH Uriah  12 Jul 1860Springfield, Sullivan, New Hampshire I76391
6 NOYES Eben W.  21 Aug 1850Springfield, Sullivan, New Hampshire I15028
7 NOYES Ellen E.  21 Aug 1850Springfield, Sullivan, New Hampshire I12249
8 NOYES Jane E.  21 Aug 1850Springfield, Sullivan, New Hampshire I15030
9 NOYES John B.  21 Aug 1850Springfield, Sullivan, New Hampshire I15027
10 NOYES Lydia A.  21 Aug 1850Springfield, Sullivan, New Hampshire I12250
11 NOYES Mary J.  21 Aug 1850Springfield, Sullivan, New Hampshire I12251
12 NOYES Mary Jane  21 Aug 1850Springfield, Sullivan, New Hampshire I15029
13 NOYES Moses  21 Aug 1850Springfield, Sullivan, New Hampshire I12245
14 NOYES Stephen  21 Aug 1850Springfield, Sullivan, New Hampshire I12240
15 WHITMORE Susan C.  21 Aug 1850Springfield, Sullivan, New Hampshire I12248


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 NOYES Moses  1850Springfield, Sullivan, New Hampshire I12245


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 JOHNSON Susan S.  Bef 1868Springfield, Sullivan, New Hampshire I10315
2 NOYES John  Springfield, Sullivan, New Hampshire I11507