Norwich, New London, Connecticut


Tree: Noyes Family Genealogy

Latitude: 41.5241700, Longitude: -72.0763900


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BEEBE Charles Gordon  16 Nov 1818Norwich, New London, Connecticut I17928
2 Capt. BREWSTER Daniel  1 Mar 1666/7Norwich, New London, Connecticut I41182
3 BREWSTER Daniel  11 Oct 1687Norwich, New London, Connecticut I31986
4 BUSHNELL Fanny  13 Nov 1817Norwich, New London, Connecticut I17432
5 CLARK Oliver  24 Apr 1714Norwich, New London, Connecticut I31744
6 COMSTOCK Anna  9 Apr 1661Norwich, New London, Connecticut I47618
7 COMSTOCK Daniel  Abt 1630Norwich, New London, Connecticut I20275
8 FREEMAN Elijah  17 Feb 1754Norwich, New London, Connecticut I29517
9 FREEMAN Elisha  4 Aug 1756Norwich, New London, Connecticut I29518
10 FREEMAN Gideon  18 Sep 1749Norwich, New London, Connecticut I29515
11 FREEMAN Phebe  19 Apr 1747Norwich, New London, Connecticut I29514
12 FREEMAN Silas  18 Mar 1751/2Norwich, New London, Connecticut I29516
13 FREEMAN Stephen  24 Jan 1759Norwich, New London, Connecticut I29499
14 GAGER Hannah  Feb 1666Norwich, New London, Connecticut I41184
15 GUY Elizabeth  16 Mar 1849Norwich, New London, Connecticut I103896
16 HUNTINGTON Hannah  25 Mar 1693/4Norwich, New London, Connecticut I67025
17 HUNTINGTON Rachel  4 Apr 1779Norwich, New London, Connecticut I15350
18 LEARNED Billings Peck  24 Jun 1813Norwich, New London, Connecticut I20150
19 LEFFINGWELL Hannah  19 Jan 1749Norwich, New London, Connecticut I120282
20 NOYES Augustus  Abt 1793Norwich, New London, Connecticut I17733
21 NOYES Caroline "Cappy"  13 Jan 1916Norwich, New London, Connecticut I65181
22 NOYES Charles Courtland  1842Norwich, New London, Connecticut I17384
23 NOYES Charles Floyd  19 Jul 1878Norwich, New London, Connecticut I17972
24 NOYES Frederick K.  11 Nov 1884Norwich, New London, Connecticut I17973
25 NOYES Harriet Dean  6 Feb 1853Norwich, New London, Connecticut I17447
26 NOYES Harrison Crane, Sr.  17 Dec 1888Norwich, New London, Connecticut I17974
27 NOYES Harrison Crane, Jr.  2 Jan 1922Norwich, New London, Connecticut I65184
28 NOYES James Denison  30 Jun 1967Norwich, New London, Connecticut I120443
29 NOYES Jane Elizabeth  17 Feb 1849Norwich, New London, Connecticut I17445
30 NOYES John C.  17 Mar 1895Norwich, New London, Connecticut I19150
31 NOYES Robert G.  1 Sep 1898Norwich, New London, Connecticut I19151
32 NOYES Sally  Norwich, New London, Connecticut I17734
33 NOYES Seth Harding  31 Aug 1788Norwich, New London, Connecticut I17732
34 PARK Moses  1733Norwich, New London, Connecticut I41205
35 Dr. PERKINS Elisha  16 Jan 1741Norwich, New London, Connecticut I22592
36 PORTER Abigail  27 Apr 1768Norwich, New London, Connecticut I37577
37 STANDISH Asa  28 Sep 1763Norwich, New London, Connecticut I85139
38 STANDISH Lemuel  CA 1765Norwich, New London, Connecticut I85140
39 STANDISH Lucy  4 Sep 1758Norwich, New London, Connecticut I85137
40 STANDISH Lydia  21 Apr 1761Norwich, New London, Connecticut I85138
41 STANDISH Moses  CA 1767Norwich, New London, Connecticut I85141
42 TRACY Marcy  24 Oct 1753Norwich, New London, Connecticut I85135
43 TRACY Sarah  23 Dec 1755Norwich, New London, Connecticut I85136
44 TRACY William Gedney  15 Nov 1768Norwich, New London, Connecticut I15349
45 WATERMAN Arunah, Sr.  24 Apr 1749Norwich, New London, Connecticut I120281
46 WATERMAN Arunah, Jr.  8 Nov 1778Norwich, New London, Connecticut I17896
47 WELLS Adelbert Clarence  31 Jul 1876Norwich, New London, Connecticut I84647
48 WILLIAMS Sarah  22 Apr 1734Norwich, New London, Connecticut I85129
49 WITTER Dorothy  28 Feb 1675Norwich, New London, Connecticut I41187
50 Mrs. [MAYNARD] Kate  6 Sep 1834Norwich, New London, Connecticut I44504


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ALWARD Celia May  4 Jun 2005Norwich, New London, Connecticut I116691
2 AYER Love  24 Apr 1735Norwich, New London, Connecticut I68266
3 FREEMAN Zipporah  Apr 1767Norwich, New London, Connecticut I31917
4 FULLER Mary  11 Nov 1720Norwich, New London, Connecticut I76148
5 GRAFTON Hannah  12 Oct 1741Norwich, New London, Connecticut I105007
6 GRANT Bridget  Norwich, New London, Connecticut I34396
7 Lieut. HARTSHORNE John, Sr.  PROB 1738Norwich, New London, Connecticut I83259
8 Lieut. HAZEN Thomas  12 Apr 1735Norwich, New London, Connecticut I96722
9 HOSKINS Richard  26 Dec 1717Norwich, New London, Connecticut I36064
10 HOWLETT Mary  24 Oct 1727Norwich, New London, Connecticut I96723
11 KING Susan  13 Dec 1894Norwich, New London, Connecticut I17379
12 Lieut. KINGSBURY Joseph  9 Apr 1741Norwich, New London, Connecticut I68272
13 NOYES Albert Jack  5 Jul 2004Norwich, New London, Connecticut I116900
14 NOYES Ann  20 Oct 1754Norwich, New London, Connecticut I3666
15 NOYES Barker  14 Oct 1863Norwich, New London, Connecticut I15322
16 NOYES Charles B.  1916Norwich, New London, Connecticut I7523
17 NOYES Frederick G.  4 Apr 1862Norwich, New London, Connecticut I17449
18 NOYES Harrison Crane, Sr.  Feb 1975Norwich, New London, Connecticut I17974
19 NOYES John D.  28 May 1900Norwich, New London, Connecticut I17427
20 NOYES Wanton G.  Norwich, New London, Connecticut I18254
21 OLDHAM Lucretia  4 Mar 1678Norwich, New London, Connecticut I3466
22 WILLIAMS Joseph  1719/20Norwich, New London, Connecticut I76147


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 NOYES Robert Brown  27 Mar 1900Norwich, New London, Connecticut I17426


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 NOYES Wanton G.  Norwich, New London, Connecticut I18254


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 DAVIS Thomas  1717Norwich, New London, Connecticut I106656
2 DOWNER Joseph  Between 1710 and 1716Norwich, New London, Connecticut I105005
3 Capt. HYDE Jedediah  Norwich, New London, Connecticut I26934
4 PERKINS Jabez  Norwich, New London, Connecticut I116811
5 PERKINS Joseph  Norwich, New London, Connecticut I116809

Will (proved)

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will (proved)    Person ID 
1 STANTON John  8 Jul 1755Norwich, New London, Connecticut I58613


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BECK / NOYES  19 Mar 1855Norwich, New London, Connecticut F41335
2 BUSHNELL / SMITH  3 Nov 1816Norwich, New London, Connecticut F15491
3 FITCH / WHITFIELD  Oct 1648Norwich, New London, Connecticut F34580
4 GAVITT / BAKER  3 Aug 1806Norwich, New London, Connecticut F4391
5 GREENMAN / LORING  24 Mar 1874Norwich, New London, Connecticut F26029
6 HEWITT / NOYES  13 Aug 1881Norwich, New London, Connecticut F7414
7 LATHROP / PERIT  20 Sep 1809Norwich, New London, Connecticut F11594
8 MASON / FITCH  CA 1670Norwich, New London, Connecticut F8845
9 MIX / FITCH  30 Jun 1677Norwich, New London, Connecticut F34578
10 NOYES / BUSHNELL  17 Mar 1845Norwich, New London, Connecticut F6671
11 NOYES / GRAY  25 Aug 1840Norwich, New London, Connecticut F6670
12 NOYES / MCNAUGHT  25 Dec 1849Norwich, New London, Connecticut F6674
13 NOYES / SAUNDERS  4 Jul 1848Norwich, New London, Connecticut F6673
14 STANDISH / WILLIAMS  22 Dec 1757Norwich, New London, Connecticut F33444
15 TRACY / WILLIAMS  16 Jul 1752Norwich, New London, Connecticut F33446
16 WATERMAN / HYDE  26 Nov 1733Norwich, New London, Connecticut F48564
17 WATERMAN / LEFFINGWELL  24 Jan 1771Norwich, New London, Connecticut F48562
18 WEEKS / NOYES  11 Feb 1857Norwich, New London, Connecticut F6677