Enfield, Grafton, New Hampshire


Tree: Noyes Family Genealogy

Latitude: 43.6405600, Longitude: -72.1444400


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ANDREWS Prudence  24 Nov 1802Enfield, Grafton, New Hampshire I64441
2 BURNHAM Cyrus Story  26 Apr 1806Enfield, Grafton, New Hampshire I113353
3 DUSTON Susannah  25 Jun 1798Enfield, Grafton, New Hampshire I83601
4 JEFFERS Asenith  28 Aug 1809Enfield, Grafton, New Hampshire I113352
5 NOYES Arthur P.  26 Nov 1880Enfield, Grafton, New Hampshire I14197
6 NOYES Baron Stuben  4 Sep 1801Enfield, Grafton, New Hampshire I11821
7 NOYES Clarissa  4 Dec 1794Enfield, Grafton, New Hampshire I11802
8 NOYES Elizabeth  13 Feb 1807Enfield, Grafton, New Hampshire I14149
9 NOYES Emily  23 May 1823Enfield, Grafton, New Hampshire I14159
10 NOYES Emma Clough  12 Nov 1799Enfield, Grafton, New Hampshire I14145
11 NOYES Ephraim Carter  22 Mar 1826Enfield, Grafton, New Hampshire I14151
12 NOYES Frank Henry  28 Sep 1875Enfield, Grafton, New Hampshire I14196
13 NOYES Frederick H.  8 Jun 1870Enfield, Grafton, New Hampshire I14195
14 NOYES George B.  8 Jun 1883Enfield, Grafton, New Hampshire I14192
15 NOYES Harold  3 Jan 1901Enfield, Grafton, New Hampshire I14200
16 NOYES Harriet  8 Nov 1796Enfield, Grafton, New Hampshire I11803
17 NOYES Henry  4 Oct 1801Enfield, Grafton, New Hampshire I14146
18 NOYES Horatio Nelson  6 Oct 1798Enfield, Grafton, New Hampshire I11805
19 NOYES Jonathan G.  12 Jul 1803Enfield, Grafton, New Hampshire I14147
20 NOYES Mahala  12 Jul 1807Enfield, Grafton, New Hampshire I11837
21 NOYES Mary  26 Mar 1809Enfield, Grafton, New Hampshire I14150
22 NOYES Mirza  27 Aug 1805Enfield, Grafton, New Hampshire I11835
23 NOYES Nellie E.  10 Sep 1880Enfield, Grafton, New Hampshire I14191
24 NOYES Polly  18 Aug 1803Enfield, Grafton, New Hampshire I11834
25 NOYES Samuel  13 Apr 1805Enfield, Grafton, New Hampshire I14148
26 NOYES Stephen  10 Dec 1797Enfield, Grafton, New Hampshire I14144
27 PEASE Mark  12 Jul 1867Enfield, Grafton, New Hampshire I19494


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BURNHAM Grover  25 Feb 1841Enfield, Grafton, New Hampshire I113356
2 DUSTON Ebenezer  23 Nov 1805Enfield, Grafton, New Hampshire I83498
3 Capt. HUSE James, Jr.  6 May 1829Enfield, Grafton, New Hampshire I107441
4 JONES Isaac  25 Jan 1850Enfield, Grafton, New Hampshire I14080
5 LITTLE Ebenezer  24 Oct 1856Enfield, Grafton, New Hampshire I97519
6 NOYES Hannah  22 Mar 1854Enfield, Grafton, New Hampshire I14079
7 PROCTOR Dorothy  14 Jun 1808Enfield, Grafton, New Hampshire I90827
8 STEVENS Archelaus  9 Apr 1811Enfield, Grafton, New Hampshire I83585


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Capt. HUSE James, Jr.  Aft 6 May 1829Enfield, Grafton, New Hampshire I107441
2 JONES Isaac  Aft 25 Jan 1850Enfield, Grafton, New Hampshire I14080
3 NOYES Hannah  22 Mar 1854Enfield, Grafton, New Hampshire I14079


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 FLAGG Hannah Wheeler  15 Jun 1860Enfield, Grafton, New Hampshire I69519
2 NOYES Charles C.  15 Jun 1860Enfield, Grafton, New Hampshire I13172
3 NOYES Curtis Cole  15 Jun 1860Enfield, Grafton, New Hampshire I13076
4 NOYES Enoch P.  15 Jun 1860Enfield, Grafton, New Hampshire I13166
5 NOYES Frank P.  15 Jun 1860Enfield, Grafton, New Hampshire I13171
6 NOYES Frederick A.  15 Jun 1860Enfield, Grafton, New Hampshire I13173
7 NOYES George W.  15 Jun 1860Enfield, Grafton, New Hampshire I13168
8 NOYES Lydia W.  15 Jun 1860Enfield, Grafton, New Hampshire I13167
9 NOYES Martha  15 Jun 1860Enfield, Grafton, New Hampshire I69518
10 NOYES William Henry  15 Jun 1860Enfield, Grafton, New Hampshire I13170
11 WOODBURY Hannah  15 Jun 1860Enfield, Grafton, New Hampshire I13164


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Dr. NOYES Daniel Enoch  Bef 1809Enfield, Grafton, New Hampshire I11247


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 CHOATE / GERRISH  13 Jan 1841Enfield, Grafton, New Hampshire F35617
2 DODGE / NOYES  12 Jun 1825Enfield, Grafton, New Hampshire F5355
3 JEFFERS / KIMBALL  16 Dec 1784Enfield, Grafton, New Hampshire F45615
4 JEFFERS / PERLEY  29 Oct 1795Enfield, Grafton, New Hampshire F45612
5 NOYES / MARSTON  1792Enfield, Grafton, New Hampshire F2567