Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland


Tree: Noyes Family Genealogy

Latitude: 39.2902800, Longitude: -76.6125000


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ANDERSON Mary Page  2 Sep 1908Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I50900
2 BARICKMAN John Ambrose  1 Mar 1831Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I23
3 1st Lieut. BEDSOLE Charles Arthur  29 Aug 1947Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I84713
4 BEDSOLE Daniel James  31 Aug 1948Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I84718
5 BYARD William Owen  20 Mar 1931Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I69890
6 CAVALIERI Laurie R.  Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I49176
7 CROMWELL Henrietta A.  1845Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I97099
8 CROMWELL Lucy A.  Jan 1848Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I97104
9 DENISON Minerva  1784Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I109355
10 DUCKWORTH Nina Ellen  25 Oct 1893Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I108491
11 GRAHAM Ella C.  20 Oct 1871Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I5910
12 GRAHAM John Edward  24 Aug 1851Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I5909
13 MCELWEE Annie Louise  Nov 1883Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I101536
14 MORAWETZ Victor  3 Apr 1858Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I118331
15 MORRIS Henry  12 Jan 1859Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I38549
16 NOYES Agnes "Aggie" F.  Abt 1855Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I6482
17 NOYES Anna "Louisa"  Jun 1892Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I6490
18 NOYES Benjamin Bernard  1 Oct 1898Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I31630
19 NOYES Bessie L.  Jan 1892Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I72004
20 NOYES Caroline Matilda  30 Jul 1835Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I12984
21 NOYES Charles D.  Mar 1868Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I6487
22 NOYES Charles William  4 Mar 1845Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I31618
23 NOYES Clarence  8 May 1850Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I13239
24 NOYES David  10 Aug 1839Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I6485
25 NOYES David  1872Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I6497
26 NOYES David Francis  10 Feb 1847Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I31608
27 NOYES Deborah C.  11 Jan 1963Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I34736
28 NOYES Dorcas  Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I6483
29 NOYES Edna  Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I13252
30 NOYES Edward Church  13 Apr 1838Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I12985
31 NOYES Eliza "Lizzie" B.  Abt 1833Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I6484
32 NOYES Etta H.  Abt 1903Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I69868
33 NOYES Fanny J.  Abt 1836Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I6481
34 NOYES Florence A.  Jul 1893Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I6496
35 NOYES Frank Sylvester  Dec 1899Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I66251
36 NOYES George  Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I13254
37 NOYES George  Abt 1908Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I69869
38 1SG NOYES George B.  21 Sep 1842Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I31613
39 NOYES Hannah Roach  26 Mar 1861Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I13244
40 NOYES Helen Mary  Nov 1896Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I66250
41 NOYES Henrietta  2 Mar 1854Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I13241
42 NOYES Hettie A.  Jul 1854Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I69860
43 NOYES Isabel  Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I13253
44 NOYES James  29 Oct 1849Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I31625
45 NOYES James E., Sr.  Oct 1895Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I66249
46 NOYES Jerome Francis  25 Mar 1929Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I69832
47 NOYES John David  27 Nov 1907Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I66254
48 NOYES John Ely  29 Sep 1862Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I38713
49 NOYES John P., Jr.  Abt 1827Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I6474
50 NOYES John W.  Mar 1883Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I6500

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BYARD William Owen  10 Nov 1977Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I69890
2 CHASE Moses  18 Jul 1872Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I74987
3 CORNELIUS John D.  29 May 1880Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I69849
4 CUTTER Rachel  28 Jan 1853Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I105735
5 FORWOOD James Alfred  15 Apr 1987Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I69907
6 HOWARD Dorothy Elizabeth  17 Jul 1997Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I69881
7 JEWETT Jacob Clark  Sep 1824Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I36522
8 LLOYD Elizabeth "Lizzie"  Abt 1908Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I6489
9 NOYES Benjamin Barnard  13 Mar 1910Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I13232
10 NOYES Caroline Matilda  20 Apr 1913Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I12984
11 NOYES Charles B.  12 Oct 1862Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I10348
12 NOYES Edward Church  9 Feb 1916Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I12985
13 Sergt. NOYES James Wakefield  10 Jul 1862Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I4763
14 NOYES Jeanne Estelle  6 Feb 1990Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I47278
15 NOYES John McMellan  17 Aug 1891Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I7434
16 NOYES Joseph W.  Sep 1986Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I66255
17 NOYES Joshua Boyd, Sr.  19 May 1948Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I69863
18 NOYES Louisa P.  14 Dec 1845Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I69862
19 NOYES Sarah K.  9 Aug 1844Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I69861
20 PARSONS Moses  20 Feb 1865Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I64317
21 PETERSON Ida Elise  3 May 1983Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I90075
22 PIKE Sarah Elizabeth  2 Jul 1875Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I21
23 RYAN Ellen Louise  17 Oct 1911Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I97119
24 RYAN Pierce Frederick  9 Apr 1920Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I12989
25 SEIDL Catherine Rosabella  6 Sep 1999Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I69830


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 1st Lieut. BEDSOLE Charles Arthur  Aft 17 Jun 1968Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I84713
2 BEDSOLE Charles Rupert  Aft 6 Apr 2006Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I84709
3 CORNELIUS John D.  Aft 29 May 1880Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I69849
4 1st Lieut. JONES Roberta Lillian  17 Dec 1998Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I84602
5 Major LYNDE Isaac  Aft 10 Apr 1886Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I97126
6 NOYES Benjamin Barnard  Aft 13 Mar 1913Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I13232
7 NOYES Benjamin Bernard  17 Jun 1969Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I31630
8 NOYES Fred Leigh  Aft 11 Mar 1967Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I23367
9 NOYES James E., Sr.  2 Oct 1967Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I42369
10 Sergt. NOYES James Wakefield  Aft 10 Jul 1862Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I4763
11 NOYES Romenia A.  15 Feb 1980Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I42370
12 NOYES Walter S.  9 May 1968Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I42371
13 PARKS Priscilla  Aft 22 Dec 1893Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I69850
14 PIKE Louisa Charlotte  Aft 7 Nov 2015Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I23403
15 PIKE Sarah Elizabeth  Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I21
16 [NOYES] Jessica May  22 Dec 1956Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I42368


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 CORNELIUS Amanda E.  1 Jun 1870Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I6486
2 CORNELIUS Amanda E.  7 Jun 1880Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I6486
3 CORNELIUS Amanda E.  4 Jun 1900Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I6486
4 CORNELIUS Ella N.  1 Jun 1870Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I69855
5 CORNELIUS Fanny  1 Jun 1870Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I69854
6 CORNELIUS Ida  1 Jun 1870Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I69857
7 CORNELIUS John D.  1 Jun 1870Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I69849
8 CORNELIUS Martha  1 Jun 1870Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I69856
9 LEE Clemency  11 Jun 1900Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I34675
10 LLOYD Elizabeth "Lizzie"  4 Jun 1900Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I6489
11 MCELWEE Annie Louise  11 Jun 1900Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I101536
12 MCELWEE Annie Louise  19 Apr 1910Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I101536
13 MCELWEE William  1 Sep 1860Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I101544
14 MCELWEE William  9 Jun 1900Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I101544
15 MCELWEE William A.  1 Sep 1860Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I101542
16 MCELWEE William A.  11 Jun 1900Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I101542
17 NOYES Agnes "Aggie" F.  24 Jun 1860Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I6482
18 NOYES Agnes "Aggie" F.  25 Jun 1870Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I6482
19 NOYES Agnes "Aggie" F.  5 Jun 1880Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I6482
20 NOYES Amelia  7 Jun 1880Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I69865
21 NOYES Anna "Louisa"  4 Jun 1900Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I6490
22 NOYES Anna "Louisa"  25 Apr 1910Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I6490
23 NOYES Anna "Louisa"  2 Jan 1920Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I6490
24 NOYES Benjamin Bernard  11 Jun 1900Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I31630
25 NOYES Bessie L.  11 Jun 1900Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I72004
26 NOYES Charles D.  1 Jun 1870Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I6487
27 NOYES Charles D.  7 Jun 1880Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I6487
28 NOYES Charles D.  4 Jun 1900Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I6487
29 NOYES Charles D.  25 Apr 1910Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I6487
30 NOYES Charles D.  2 Jan 1920Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I6487
31 NOYES David  5 Aug 1850Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I6485
32 NOYES David  1 Jun 1870Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I6485
33 NOYES David  7 Jun 1880Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I6497
34 NOYES David  7 Jun 1880Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I6485
35 NOYES David  1900Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I6497
36 NOYES David  4 Jun 1900Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I6485
37 Deacon NOYES David Chute  5 Aug 1850Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I6477
38 Deacon NOYES David Chute  24 Jun 1860Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I6477
39 Deacon NOYES David Chute  25 Jun 1870Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I6477
40 Deacon NOYES David Chute  5 Jun 1880Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I6477
41 NOYES Eliza "Lizzie" B.  5 Aug 1850Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I6484
42 NOYES Etta H.  25 Apr 1910Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I69868
43 NOYES Etta H.  2 Jan 1920Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I69868
44 NOYES Fanny J.  5 Aug 1850Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I6481
45 NOYES Florence A.  4 Jun 1900Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I6496
46 NOYES Florence A.  27 Apr 1910Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I6496
47 NOYES Frank Sylvester  4 Jun 1900Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I66251
48 NOYES Frank Sylvester  27 Apr 1910Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I66251
49 NOYES Frank Sylvester  5 Jan 1920Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I66251
50 NOYES Frank Sylvester  4 Apr 1930Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I66251

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Graduation    Person ID 
1 Dr. STURDIVANT Burton Barrett  1912Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I108490


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 NOYES Jeanne Estelle  Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I47278


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 CHASE Hannibal  Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland I45487


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BEDSOLE / JONES  26 Oct 1945Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland F33256
2 CORNELIUS / PARKS  25 Mar 1835Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland F27276
3 DOWDY / WARREN  3 Mar 1951Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland F19936
4 ELY / NOYES  5 Jan 1811Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland F8761
5 NOYES / CHURCH  1834Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland F4924
6 NOYES / ELY  19 Nov 1861Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland F7772
7 NOYES / KEINNEN  10 May 1831Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland F2370
8 NOYES / STRIPPLE  2 Nov 1841Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland F12354
9 PRINCE / ANDERSON  Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland F16335
10 RYAN / NOYES  1855Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland F4928