Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire


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Latitude: 42.8383300, Longitude: -71.1475000


Atkinson Academy
Atkinson Academy
Atkinson Academy was incorporated in 1787 and is the oldest standing co-ed school in the nation.
Atkinson World War II and Korean War memorial
Atkinson World War II and Korean War memorial
Located in front of the Atkinson Historical Society.
Civil War monument
Civil War monument
Dow Common; Atkinson, NH
south face
PRO PATRIA [for the fatherland]

The monument is a plain Rockport granite obelisk, resting on a base approximately five feet square and weighing five tons. It is surrounded by a plinth. The entire height of the shaft is sixteen feet. The sides are highly polished and have inscribed thereon the names of the forty soldiers who enlisted from Addison.

The monument was originally situated in a different place on the common, but was moved, in 1891, in order to accommodate a new road. Presumably, the "new road" is that portion of Academy Avenue which turns towards Hampstead.
Civil War monument
Civil War monument
Dow Common; Atkinson, NH
west face
Civil War monument
Civil War monument
Dow Common; Atkinson, NH
north face (close)
Civil War Monument
Civil War Monument
Dow Common; Atkinson, NH
east face (close)
Knight-Byron Noyes
Civil War monument
Civil War monument
Dow Common; Atkinson, NH
south face (close)
PRO PATRIA [for the fatherland]
Civil War monument
Civil War monument
Dow Common; Atkinson, NH
west face (close)
Dow Common Civil War monument - original location
Dow Common Civil War monument - original location
The Dow Common Monument commemorates the soldiers who fought in the Civil War and was given to the town by William C. Todd. Dedication ceremonies were held on a cold and snowy December 4, 1888, in the Junior O.U.A.M. Hall, at which Mr. Todd made the following speech:

According to my promise in March last, I now present to the town a soldier's monument, a granite shaft with the names of the forty who went from here to war. I am more happy to give it than the town can be to receive it. It is but a small token of my regard for the place of my birth and the soldiers. No class deserve better to be remembered than those who have risked their lives for their country; yet the town records do not indicate who went to war and in a few years, no list of them could have been given. Some sleep in unknown graves with no stone to mark their resting place. I felt then that their names should be engraved on stone, and placed where their names could be daily read and kept in remembrance. And I am sure they will not be forgotten, for they were part of one of the grandest events in the history of our nation, the abolition of slavery and the preservation of our Union. It is over 800 years since William the Conqueror came over from Normandy and seated himself on the throne of England; yet to this day, it is the boast of an Englishman that his ancestors fought with him. So I believe generations hence, long after all of us shall have been laid in our long homes, people will point to the names on that stone with pride and claim them as their ancestors.

Let me say a word about our town. I am glad I was born here. My ancestors had lived in Massachusetts since 1628, but my parents moved here a few years before my birth, knowing what my wish would be, and I am grateful to them. Here was established the second Academy in the State, whose centennial was celebrated last year. In our wars, the town has done its duty. In the Revolutionary War, all citizens of the town signed a pledge to resist England to the utmost. Some of them were marked men, like General Peabody, a member of the Continental Congress, and the most distinguished man in the history of the town. Parson Peabody, the first minister of the town whose wife was a sister of Mrs. President John Adams. Dr Cogswell, the father and grandfather of an honored family, and Lieutenant Belknap, a soldier of the French as well as of the Revolutionary War, whom I saw the day he was one hundred years old, and heard him tell of his war experiences. I am glad to see Dr. Cogswell here today (a grandson of the Revolutionary Dr. Cogswell) who is always welcome here whether we are sick or well.

In the War of 1812, our people were prepared, if called upon,and some went to the Fort at Portsmouth.

In the late war, I think few towns sent more soldiers in proportion to its population. And so, I am sure, if our town is involved again in war, which God forbid, the future will be as the past. Our youngsters will grasp their rifles, their fathers and mothers will bid them "God Speed", and if the young ladies shed tears when they depart, they will receive them with their sweetest smiles on their return.

Noyes Rock Shelter - Atkinson
Noyes Rock Shelter - Atkinson


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ATWOOD Elizabeth  7 Apr 1780Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I91870
2 ATWOOD Moses  3 Feb 1783Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I91876
3 ATWOOD Prudence  2 Jan 1790Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I92144
4 BARNUM Louise Noyes  9 Aug 1905Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I70946
5 Rev. BASSETT Alfred Vose  13 Feb 1807Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I72026
6 BASSETT Mary  20 Nov 1804Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I15539
7 BASSETT Mary Prescott  19 May 1827Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I15457
8 BASSETT Sally  16 Jan 1799Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I72952
9 BASSETT Samuel  15 Jan 1786Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I22581
10 BASSETT William  9 Aug 1802Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I91884
11 BATCHELDER Alice Marian  9 Sep 1889Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I92107
12 BATCHELDER Arthur Hiram  24 Jan 1885Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I92104
13 BATCHELDER Carrie Frances  16 Mar 1891Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I92015
14 BATCHELDER Henry T.  30 Jun 1883Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I92103
15 BATCHELDER Howard F.  13 Jun 1888Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I92106
16 BELKNAP Abigail  23 May 1770Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I73542
17 BELKNAP Anna  4 Sep 1776Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I74025
18 BELKNAP Caleb  28 Mar 1779Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I74028
19 BELKNAP Caleb  27 Mar 1786Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I74031
20 BELKNAP Caleb  27 Feb 1790Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I74033
21 BELKNAP Charlotte  13 Apr 1812Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I74040
22 BELKNAP Horatio Gates  3 Nov 1808Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I74037
23 BELKNAP Joshua  18 Jun 1765Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I74020
24 BELKNAP Louisa  1810Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I74039
25 BELKNAP Lucretia  30 Sep 1767Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I74021
26 BELKNAP Lucy  13 Jun 1772Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I74023
27 BELKNAP Lucy  17 Jun 1774Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I73685
28 BELKNAP Lucy  14 Dec 1803Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I74035
29 BELKNAP Moses  25 Mar 1781Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I74029
30 BELKNAP Moses  14 Dec 1803Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I97534
31 BELKNAP Sally  25 May 1784Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I74030
32 BELKNAP Sawyer  24 May 1806Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I74036
33 BROWN Dorinda A.  15 Oct 1829Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I20713
34 CHANDLER Bartlett  27 May 1808Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I91988
35 CHANDLER Samuel Gardner  7 Aug 1828Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I92148
36 CHAPLIN Betsey  4 Jun 1774Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I74054
37 CHAPLIN Hannah  11 Jan 1768Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I74051
38 CHAPLIN Lucretia  17 Jan 1773Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I74053
39 CHAPLIN Moses  26 Oct 1777Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I74055
40 CHAPLIN Ruth  14 Apr 1770Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I74052
41 CLARKE David Oliphant  15 Apr 1841Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I95912
42 CLARKE Francis  28 Mar 1814Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I92259
43 Col. CLARKE Greenleaf, Jr.  7 May 1816Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I13983
44 CLARKE Greenleaf, III  5 Jun 1862Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I23916
45 CLARKE John Badger  20 Jan 1820Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I92265
46 CLARKE Mary Coburn  9 Dec 1857Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I23915
47 Dr. CLARKE Moses  18 Jan 1818Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I62075
48 CLARKE Sarah  4 May 1812Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I92257
49 CLARKE Sarah Noyes  3 Apr 1856Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I23914
50 CLARKE William Cogswell  12 Dec 1810Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I92255

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 AMES John  4 May 1866Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I91828
2 ATWOOD Anna  13 Nov 1813Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I92469
3 ATWOOD John  18 Dec 1800Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I91858
4 ATWOOD Moses  6 Apr 1818Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I91876
5 BADGER Judith  30 Sep 1859Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I23918
6 BARKER Edith R.  1 Jul 1905Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I96896
7 BARTLETT Aaron  24 Nov 1851Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I15455
8 BASSETT Sally  15 Jan 1883Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I72952
9 BASSETT Samuel  20 May 1873Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I22581
10 BASSETT William  15 Feb 1844Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I91929
11 BASSETT William  13 Mar 1869Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I91884
12 BATCHELDER Hiram A.  24 Jan 1895Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I16087
13 BAYLEY Sarah  28 May 1798Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I104911
14 BELKNAP Caleb  19 Oct 1783Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I74028
15 BELKNAP Caleb  11 Jun 1788Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I74031
16 Lieut. BELKNAP Ezekiel  5 Jan 1836Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I73686
17 BELKNAP Lucy  25 Dec 1773Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I74023
18 BELKNAP Lucy  5 Dec 1849Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I73685
19 BELKNAP Mary  26 Jan 1837Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I74018
20 BELKNAP Moses  13 Mar 1804Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I74008
21 BELKNAP Sally  7 Jun 1788Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I74030
22 BOARDMAN Hannah  28 Dec 1905Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I96987
23 BOND Mary  29 Jun 1801Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I70909
24 BRAGDON William T.  20 Aug 1887Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I91930
25 BRAGDON Zimri  16 Aug 1903Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I72055
26 BRICKETT Ralph  24 Mar 1863Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I107801
27 BURT Mariah Stephens  19 Mar 1886Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I73625
28 CALEF Elizabeth  24 Oct 1778Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I27017
29 CARLTON Electa M.  3 Apr 1901Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I92503
30 CARTER Nancy  21 Jun 1867Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I22582
31 CHANDLER Bartlett  2 Jul 1814Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I91988
32 CHANDLER John  1 Apr 1851Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I92149
33 CHANDLER Samuel Gardner  14 Nov 1909Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I92148
34 CHANDLER Sarah E.  2 Aug 1844Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I92191
35 CHASE Clarissa A.  20 Oct 1895Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I72053
36 CLARKE Greenleaf, Esq.  12 Jan 1821Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I53700
37 Col. CLARKE Greenleaf, Jr.  18 Aug 1888Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I13983
38 CLARKE Martha  14 Feb 1777Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I3708
39 CLOUGH Nancy Jane  18 Dec 1911Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I73639
40 COGSWELL John  6 Aug 1811Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I92237
41 COGSWELL Joseph Badger  10 Apr 1875Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I23923
42 COGSWELL Julia  9 Jan 1860Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I62074
43 Dr. COGSWELL William  1 Jan 1831Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I23917
44 CRAWFORD Clarissa  8 Mar 1887Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I92526
45 DOLE Parker  25 Sep 1758Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I38003
46 DOLE Patience  15 Mar 1767Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I96541
47 DOLE Stephen  5 Nov 1790Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I38000
48 DOLE Stephen  18 Feb 1796Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I70973
49 DOLE Susanna  17 Nov 1779Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I70974
50 DOW  24 May 1880Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I92485

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 AMES John  Aft 4 May 1866Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I91828
2 ATWOOD Anna  Aft 13 Nov 1813Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I92469
3 ATWOOD Betsey  Aft 18 Aug 1849Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I91869
4 ATWOOD Elizabeth  Aft 29 Nov 1857Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I91870
5 ATWOOD John  Aft 18 Dec 1800Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I91858
6 ATWOOD Moses  Aft 6 Apr 1818Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I91876
7 ATWOOD Prudence  Aft 11 Apr 1862Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I92144
8 BADGER Judith  Aft 30 Sep 1859Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I23918
9 BAILEY Harriet Ann  1925Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I15808
10 BAILEY Sarah  Aft 7 Aug 1843Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I73574
11 BARKER Edith R.  Aft 1 Jul 1905Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I96896
12 BARNARD Martha  Aft 14 Dec 1861Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I70758
13 BARNUM Elena L.  1950Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I70954
14 BARNUM Henrietta A.  1935Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I70952
15 BARNUM Solomon  1917Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I37681
16 BARNUM Walter Adelbert  1922Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I15988
17 BARNUM William Hewitt  1953Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I70947
18 BARTLETT Aaron  Aft 24 Nov 1851Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I15455
19 Col. BASSETT John, Jr.  Aft 1 Oct 1826Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I13939
20 BASSETT Mary  Aft 25 Apr 1885Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I15539
21 BASSETT Mary Prescott  Aft 16 Feb 1899Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I15457
22 BASSETT Sally  Aft 15 Jan 1883Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I72952
23 BASSETT William  Aft 15 Feb 1844Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I91929
24 BASSETT William  Aft 9 Aug 1869Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I91884
25 BATCHELDER Carrie Frances  1969Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I92015
26 BELKNAP Lucy  Aft 5 Dec 1849Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I73685
27 BOARDMAN Elizabeth  Aft 13 Jun 1861Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I96464
28 BOARDMAN Hannah  Aft 28 Dec 1905Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I96987
29 BODWELL Hannah  Aft 12 Jan 1878Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I93220
30 BOND Betsey  Aft 10 Mar 1828Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I72953
31 BOND Mary  Aft 29 Jun 1801Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I70909
32 BRADLEY Elisabeth  Aft 31 May 1880Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I70773
33 BRADLEY Joseph N.  Aft 3 Jun 1836Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I70772
34 BRADLEY Prudence  Aft 1 Mar 1886Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I70771
35 BRADLEY Sophia  Aft 22 Jun 1847Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I14117
36 BRADLEY Stephen  Aft 4 Oct 1872Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I70774
37 BRAGDON Affie Chase  Aft 25 May 1923Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I91937
38 BRAGDON William T.  Aft 20 Aug 1887Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I91930
39 BRAGDON Zimri  Aft 16 Aug 1903Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I72055
40 BROWN Alice  Aft 28 Mar 1867Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I95697
41 BURT Mariah Stephens  Aft 19 Mar 1886Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I73625
42 BUXTON Fanny  Aft 2 May 1824Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I15585
43 CALEF Elizabeth  Aft 24 Oct 1778Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I27017
44 CARLTON Julia Ann  1920Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I92483
45 CHANDLER John  Aft 1 Apr 1851Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I92149
46 CHANDLER Joseph  Aft 12 Jun 1865Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I91967
47 CHANDLER Samuel Gardner  Aft 14 Nov 1909Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I92148
48 CHANDLER Sarah E.  Aft 2 Aug 1844Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I92191
49 CHASE Clarissa A.  Aft 20 Oct 1895Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I72053
50 CHASE Wilbert H.  1959Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I92014

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 ANDERSON Edna Blanche  1 May 1930Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I101847
2 BASSETT Sally  24 Apr 1860Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I72952
3 BASSETT Sally  1 Jun 1880Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I72952
4 BURT Mariah Stephens  1 Jun 1880Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I73625
5 BUTLER William Henry  1 Jun 1900Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I72982
6 BUTLER William Henry  6 May 1910Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I72982
7 BUTLER William Henry  29 Jan 1920Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I72982
8 BUTLER William Henry  1 May 1930Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I72982
9 CARLTON Julia Ann  2 Jun 1900Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I92483
10 CHANDLER John  3 Aug 1850Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I92149
11 CHANDLER Samuel Gardner  3 Aug 1850Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I92148
12 CHASE Olive Catherine  1 Jun 1900Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I20716
13 CHASE Olive Catherine  6 May 1910Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I20716
14 CHASE Olive Catherine  29 Jan 1920Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I20716
15 CHASE Olive Catherine  3 May 1930Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I20716
16 CHASE Olive Catherine  13 Apr 1940Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I20716
17 CLOUGH Charles  3 Aug 1850Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I96122
18 CLOUGH Laura  3 Aug 1850Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I96124
19 CLOUGH Nancy J.  3 Aug 1850Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I96123
20 CLOUGH Nancy Jane  3 Aug 1850Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I73639
21 CLOUGH Warren  3 Aug 1850Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I96098
22 CLOUGH William  3 Aug 1850Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I96116
23 CLOUGH William Atwood  3 Aug 1850Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I92206
24 COGSWELL Judith  14 Jun 1860Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I95457
25 CRONK Abigail  3 Aug 1850Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I95815
26 CRONK Abigail  2 Jun 1860Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I76564
27 DOW George Parsons  2 Jun 1900Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I92480
28 DOW James Atwood  2 Jun 1900Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I92479
29 EMERSON Mary K.  16 Jun 1900Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I93408
30 FRENCH Ida S.  1 Jun 1900Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I15987
31 GARDNER Lydia M.  2 Jun 1880Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I14089
32 GREENOUGH Ada M.  26 Jul 1870Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I92749
33 GREENOUGH Edwin Lawson  6 Aug 1850Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I92744
34 GREENOUGH Emily Towle  6 Aug 1850Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I92745
35 GREENOUGH Frank  26 Jul 1870Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I92748
36 GREENOUGH Gilman  6 Aug 1850Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I92746
37 GREENOUGH Gilman  26 Jul 1870Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I92746
38 GREENOUGH Richard B.  6 Aug 1850Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I72839
39 HART Maria J. "Jennie" Amelia  1 Jun 1900Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I15996
40 HART Maria J. "Jennie" Amelia  6 May 1910Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I15996
41 HAYFORD Lois  2 Aug 1850Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I13978
42 HAYFORD Lois  26 Jul 1870Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I13978
43 HAYFORD Lois  1 Jun 1880Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I13978
44 HEATH George W.  6 Aug 1850Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I96148
45 HEATH Hannah L.  6 Aug 1850Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I96152
46 HEATH James  6 Aug 1850Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I96149
47 HEATH Julia A.  6 Aug 1850Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I96153
48 HEATH Sarah L.  6 Aug 1850Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I96151
49 HOITT Angela M., 1879  8 Jun 1880Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I92887
50 HOITT Cenna Antoinette  27 Jul 1870Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I92884

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Church Member

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Church Member    Person ID 
1 BRICKETT Ralph  Jan 1859Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I107801
2 ORDWAY Sally  Jan 1859Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I107788

Marriage Intent

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Marriage Intent    Person ID 
1 CURRIER Nathan  21 Mar 1812Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I96615
2 DUSTIN Simon  28 Feb 1791Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I96587
3 EMERSON John  25 Oct 1804Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I96614
4 FERGUSON Mary Jane  18 Feb 1846Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I95875
5 INGALLS Mehitable  5 Dec 1780Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I70720
6 JOHNSON Susanna  24 Apr 1806Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I15392
7 KNIGHT James  30 Oct 1813Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I70729
8 LITTLE Amos  5 Dec 1820Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I72951
9 LITTLE John  26 Apr 1893Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I21884
10 NOYES Humphrey, Jr.  24 Apr 1806Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I12565
11 NOYES Julia Ann  10 Mar 1835Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I14990
12 POOR George  7 Nov 1825Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I38693
13 RICHARDS Charles D.  18 Feb 1846Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I92872
14 ROBINSON Fannie C.  26 Apr 1893Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I93659
15 SMITH Charlotte  7 Nov 1825Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I38694
16 WEBSTER Ruth  24 Dec 1798Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I96603
17 WEBSTER True  31 Dec 1790Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I96602
18 WHITICKER Joseph  7 Dec 1811Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I100060
19 WOODBURY Relief  7 Dec 1811Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I100061


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 KNIGHT John Harris  Between 16 Jul 1864 and 30 Nov 1864Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I93175
2 MERRICK Arthur Livermore  Between 15 Sep 1862 and 13 Aug 1863Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I95321
3 NOYES Byron  Between 18 Sep 1861 and 27 Sep 1864Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I15959
4 NOYES Thomas Addison  Between 9 Sep 1861 and 12 Jan 1862Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I14095


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 BASSETT Samuel  1830Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I22581
2 LITTLE John  1882Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I21884
3 LITTLE John Lyman  1882Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I72947
4 NOYES Calvin Woodbury  1845Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I13966
5 NOYES Henry  Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I13940
6 Capt. NOYES Joseph  Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I9963
7 Capt. NOYES Peter  Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I13899
8 NOYES Samuel  Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I15445
9 SAWYER Herbert Noyes  1919Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I73524
10 VOSE Maria Phoebe  1850Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I73778


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 BASSETT Mary  Bef 1849Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I15539
2 GREENOUGH Moses  Bef 1823Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I14065
3 LITTLE Samuel, Esq.  Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I21823
4 LITTLE Samuel  1741Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I1048
5 LITTLE Tamar  1793Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I3646
6 MERRILL Abigail  Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I44085
7 MESSER Caroline  1875Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I59610
8 Capt. NOYES James  Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I14100
9 PEASLEE Sarah  Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I15451
10 Col. WHITE James, Esqr.  1777Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I81673


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Stillborn    Person ID 
1 KNIGHT  24 Apr 1792Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I93151
2 POOR  3 Jul 1863Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I99955


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 EATON Lydia  17 Mar 1795Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire I13958


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ATWOOD / KNIGHT  22 Mar 1771Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire F36530
2 BARTLETT / NOYES  6 May 1773Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire F5872
3 BASSETT / HUNT  Aft 15 Dec 1828Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire F36539
4 BASSETT / NOYES  9 Nov 1784Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire F5247
5 BELKNAP / STONE  17 Sep 1789Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire F28764
6 BELKNAP / WEBSTER  24 Mar 1803Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire F28765
7 BRADLEY / KNIGHT  25 Feb 1790Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire F27589
8 BROWN / LITTLE  11 Feb 1884Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire F36695
9 BROWN / PAGE  15 Sep 1913Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire F36705
10 CLARK / COGSWELL  16 Dec 1851Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire F28215
11 CLARK / RICHARDS  Aft 28 Jul 1822Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire F28647
12 CLARKE / NOYES  15 Mar 1855Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire F5262
13 COBURN / COGSWELL  12 Dec 1822Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire F36708
14 CROSS / SAWYER  29 Nov 1877Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire F28599
15 CUTLER / KNIGHT  2 Jan 1858Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire F37137
16 DALE / POORE  1 Mar 1801Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire F22845
17 DAVIS / MERRILL  8 Jul 1800Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire F37981
18 DEARBORN / KNIGHT  1 Jan 1801Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire F38511
19 DOLE / KNIGHT  12 Jan 1786Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire F38504
20 DOLE / WALES  22 Jan 1784Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire F38471
21 DOW / ATWOOD  4 Apr 1806Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire F36835
22 DOW / CRAWFORD  2 Dec 1814Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire F36859
23 DOW / HASELTINE  25 Dec 1806Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire F37396
24 DOW / KNIGHT  14 May 1804Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire F38296
25 DOW / PAGE  27 Feb 1800Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire F38472
26 DOW / RICHARDS  5 Mar 1812Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire F36755
27 DUSTIN / KNIGHT  6 Mar 1781Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire F38506
28 EATON / POORE  8 Apr 1790Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire F40003
29 EMERSON / EMERY  22 Feb 1803Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire F38490
30 EMERSON / LITTLE  4 Jul 1808Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire F28678
31 EMERSON / NOYES  17 Jun 1886Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire F6127
32 EMERSON / RICHARDS  8 Apr 1798Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire F28645
33 EMERY / KNIGHT  20 Aug 1772Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire F27565
34 FARLEY / DOW  3 May 1899Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire F36839
35 FRENCH / HASELTINE  25 Sep 1778Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire F27859
36 FRENCH / KNIGHT  19 Jan 1861Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire F37160
37 FRENCH / NOYES  7 Jan 1772Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire F6440
38 GENTIS / TILTON  22 Oct 1909Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire F38678
39 GILBERT / BELKNAP  20 Oct 1785Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire F28760
40 GILBERT / NOYES  29 Jun 1825Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire F5902
41 GREENOUGH / CALEF  28 Jan 1772Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire F10635
42 GREENOUGH / DAVIS  30 Dec 1821Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire F28357
43 GREENOUGH / HARRIS  26 Nov 1855Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire F38499
44 GREENOUGH / UNDERHILL  10 Dec 1789Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire F28426
45 HALE / KNIGHT  22 Feb 1799Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire F29659
46 HALE / NOYES  2 Sep 1824Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire F5958
47 HARRIMAN / KNIGHT  11 Jan 1770Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire F38502
48 HARRIMAN / NOYES  17 Nov 1777Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire F5868
49 HEALD / RICHARDS  8 Jun 1839Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire F36989
50 HELLION / POORE  1 Jan 1795Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire F19373

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Marriage Banns

Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Family    Marriage Banns    Family ID 
1 FRENCH / NOYES  21 Feb 1782Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire F4675
2 LITTLE / NOYES  24 Oct 1790Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire F5896
3 NOYES / KIMBALL  13 Dec 1794Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire F3693
4 NOYES / LITTLE  9 Apr 1770Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire F3692
5 NOYES / LITTLE  2 Aug 1793Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire F5302
6 NOYES / MUSSEY  13 Feb 1813Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire F5889
7 NOYES / NOYES  2 Jan 1776Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire F4758
8 NOYES / NOYES  30 Dec 1788Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire F5245
9 NOYES / NOYES  14 Dec 1793Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire F5873
10 NOYES / PAGE  12 Sep 1788Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire F5252
11 NOYES / SIMONS  22 Sep 1772Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire F1338


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Residence    Family ID 
1 LITTLE / KNIGHT  1837Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire F27574
2 NOYES / CURRIER  1828Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire F5884
3 NOYES / HUTCHINGS  1794Atkinson, Rockingham, New Hampshire F5259