Vestal, Broome, New York


Tree: Noyes Family Genealogy

Latitude: 42.0850000, Longitude: -76.0541700


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 NOYES Albert Haven  Abt 1858Vestal, Broome, New York I12896
2 NOYES Aldula  Jul 1882Vestal, Broome, New York I12907
3 NOYES Barnett G.  Aug 1862Vestal, Broome, New York I12897
4 NOYES Cordelia "Delia" M.  Abt Jan 1870Vestal, Broome, New York I12899
5 NOYES Edith L.  17 Mar 1884Vestal, Broome, New York I12908
6 NOYES Ethel S.  27 Nov 1889Vestal, Broome, New York I12910
7 NOYES Halsey W.  19 Sep 1855Vestal, Broome, New York I12894
8 NOYES Helen  Jul 1899Vestal, Broome, New York I33360
9 NOYES Leila  Nov 1886Vestal, Broome, New York I12909
10 NOYES Leon R.  17 Jun 1896Vestal, Broome, New York I63888
11 NOYES Levi "Lee" H.  Apr 1867Vestal, Broome, New York I12898
12 NOYES Minnie A.  24 May 1857Vestal, Broome, New York I12895
13 RANDALL Aldula  25 Feb 1842Vestal, Broome, New York I31533


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BROWN Thirza  6 Oct 1869Vestal, Broome, New York I63123
2 BUSWELL Sally  Aft 1880Vestal, Broome, New York I6190
3 GARDNER Pearl M.  2 Oct 1992Vestal, Broome, New York I33435
4 GARRISON Rebecca  9 May 1848Vestal, Broome, New York I117828
5 JENKS Amy L.  31 Jan 1905Vestal, Broome, New York I12893
6 LAGRANGE Cora B.  12 Mar 1951Vestal, Broome, New York I12906
7 NOYES Claude R.  Vestal, Broome, New York I12889
8 NOYES Dorothy  Bef 1900Vestal, Broome, New York I33356
9 NOYES Edith L.  29 Aug 1885Vestal, Broome, New York I12908
10 NOYES Ethel S.  26 Apr 1900Vestal, Broome, New York I12910
11 NOYES Halsey W.  21 Jul 1902Vestal, Broome, New York I12894
12 RUSSELL Patience  1 Oct 1881Vestal, Broome, New York I117838


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BULLOCK Barnett  Aft 11 Nov 1880Vestal, Broome, New York I12913
2 BULLOCK William  Aft 9 Oct 1838Vestal, Broome, New York I117843
3 CHIDESTER Clarissa  Aft 4 Jan 1849Vestal, Broome, New York I117826
4 CHIDESTER Joshua Daniel  Aft 17 Oct 1847Vestal, Broome, New York I117827
5 DEGUES Anthony  Aft 3 Mar 1868Vestal, Broome, New York I117835
6 DEGUES Diadama  Aft 25 Mar 1915Vestal, Broome, New York I117834
7 DRAKE Anna  Aft 10 Dec 1860Vestal, Broome, New York I117836
8 GARRISON Rebecca  Aft 9 May 1848Vestal, Broome, New York I117828
9 HUTCHINGS Harold B.  Aft 30 Jan 1973Vestal, Broome, New York I33391
10 JENKS Amy L.  Aft 31 Jan 1905Vestal, Broome, New York I12893
11 JUNE Laura J.  Aft 29 Jul 1987Vestal, Broome, New York I33450
12 JUNE Marion  Vestal, Broome, New York I33447
13 JUNE Wilbur  Vestal, Broome, New York I33446
14 KNIGHT Aaron  Aft 22 Feb 1908Vestal, Broome, New York I117833
15 KNIGHT Joel  Aft 10 Feb 1867Vestal, Broome, New York I117837
16 LAGRANGE Cora B.  Aft 12 Mar 1951Vestal, Broome, New York I12906
17 MASON L.A.  Aft 6 Mar 1978Vestal, Broome, New York I33412
18 MASON Lucins A.  Aft 8 Sep 1907Vestal, Broome, New York I33411
19 NOYES Claude R.  Vestal, Broome, New York I12889
20 NOYES Edith L.  Aft 29 Aug 1885Vestal, Broome, New York I12908
21 NOYES Ethel S.  Aft 26 Apr 1900Vestal, Broome, New York I12910
22 NOYES Halsey W.  Aft 21 Jul 1902Vestal, Broome, New York I12894
23 NOYES Hannah Melona  1866Vestal, Broome, New York I12877
24 NOYES J. Olin  1965Vestal, Broome, New York I33434
25 NOYES James Levi  1907Vestal, Broome, New York I12876
26 NOYES Joel M.  1937Vestal, Broome, New York I12881
27 NOYES Leon R.  Aft 23 Jun 1973Vestal, Broome, New York I63888
28 NOYES Levi "Lee" H.  1952Vestal, Broome, New York I12898
29 NOYES Minnie A.  Aft 12 Apr 1885Vestal, Broome, New York I12895
30 NOYES Permelia Rhoda  Aft 10 Jan 1905Vestal, Broome, New York I12875
31 NOYES Samuel Haven  Aft 19 Jan 1897Vestal, Broome, New York I12878
32 OWEN Maude  Aft 26 Sep 1982Vestal, Broome, New York I33390
33 ROBINSON Eva L.  1924Vestal, Broome, New York I12890
34 ROBINSON Lucetta A.  1910Vestal, Broome, New York I12887
35 RUSSELL Amelia A.  Aft 10 Feb 1949Vestal, Broome, New York I33410
36 RUSSELL Green W.  Aft 9 Apr 1896Vestal, Broome, New York I12892
37 RUSSELL Louella  Aft 11 Sep 1853Vestal, Broome, New York I33372
38 RUSSELL Luella E.  Aft 17 Sep 1907Vestal, Broome, New York I33373
39 RUSSELL Minnie  1970Vestal, Broome, New York I12901
40 RUSSELL Nancy  Aft 28 Oct 1851Vestal, Broome, New York I33371
41 RUSSELL Patience  Aft 1 Oct 1881Vestal, Broome, New York I117838
42 SMITH Florence  Vestal, Broome, New York I33445
43 SMITH Helen Ethel  Vestal, Broome, New York I33452
44 TILLBURY Ada C.  May 1946Vestal, Broome, New York I33379
45 VAN AUKEN Russell John  Aft 17 Jan 1939Vestal, Broome, New York I33375
46 [NOYES] Mary  Vestal, Broome, New York I33433
47 [NOYES] Maude A.  1986Vestal, Broome, New York I67939


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 BULLOCK Barnett  9 Jun 1880Vestal, Broome, New York I12913
2 BULLOCK Lodema T.  9 Jun 1880Vestal, Broome, New York I33455
3 BULLOCK Lodema T.  16 Jun 1900Vestal, Broome, New York I33455
4 BULLOCK Olive E.  9 Jun 1880Vestal, Broome, New York I33459
5 DAVENPORT Delos  16 Oct 1850Vestal, Broome, New York I33419
6 DAVENPORT Sophronia  16 Oct 1850Vestal, Broome, New York I33418
7 DAVENPORT William W.  16 Oct 1850Vestal, Broome, New York I12914
8 GOODWIN Olive E.  16 Oct 1850Vestal, Broome, New York I12873
9 JENKS Albert  17 Oct 1850Vestal, Broome, New York I63884
10 JENKS Amy L.  26 Dec 1860Vestal, Broome, New York I12893
11 JENKS Amy L.  5 Jul 1870Vestal, Broome, New York I12893
12 JENKS Amy L.  10 Jun 1880Vestal, Broome, New York I12893
13 JENKS Amy L.  16 Jun 1900Vestal, Broome, New York I12893
14 JENKS Cordelia  17 Oct 1850Vestal, Broome, New York I63885
15 JENKS Daniel  17 Oct 1850Vestal, Broome, New York I63881
16 JENKS Harrison  17 Oct 1850Vestal, Broome, New York I63883
17 KNIGHT Orrin  9 Jun 1880Vestal, Broome, New York I33456
18 KNIGHT Orrin  16 Jun 1900Vestal, Broome, New York I33456
19 LAGRANGE Cora B.  10 Jun 1880Vestal, Broome, New York I12906
20 LAGRANGE Cora B.  16 Jun 1900Vestal, Broome, New York I12906
21 NOYES Abigail Goodwin  16 Oct 1850Vestal, Broome, New York I12874
22 NOYES Albert Haven  26 Dec 1860Vestal, Broome, New York I12896
23 NOYES Albert Haven  5 Jul 1870Vestal, Broome, New York I12896
24 NOYES Aldula  16 Jun 1900Vestal, Broome, New York I12907
25 NOYES Barnett G.  5 Jul 1870Vestal, Broome, New York I12897
26 NOYES Barnett G.  10 Jun 1880Vestal, Broome, New York I12897
27 NOYES Cordelia "Delia" M.  5 Jul 1870Vestal, Broome, New York I12899
28 NOYES Cordelia "Delia" M.  10 Jun 1880Vestal, Broome, New York I12899
29 NOYES Halsey W.  26 Dec 1860Vestal, Broome, New York I12894
30 NOYES Halsey W.  5 Jul 1870Vestal, Broome, New York I12894
31 NOYES Halsey W.  10 Jun 1880Vestal, Broome, New York I12894
32 NOYES Halsey W.  16 Jun 1900Vestal, Broome, New York I12894
33 NOYES Helen  16 Jun 1900Vestal, Broome, New York I33360
34 NOYES James Levi  16 Oct 1850Vestal, Broome, New York I12876
35 NOYES James Levi  26 Dec 1860Vestal, Broome, New York I12876
36 NOYES James Levi  5 Jul 1870Vestal, Broome, New York I12876
37 NOYES James Levi  10 Jun 1880Vestal, Broome, New York I12876
38 NOYES James Levi  16 Jun 1900Vestal, Broome, New York I12876
39 NOYES Leila  16 Jun 1900Vestal, Broome, New York I12909
40 NOYES Leon R.  18 Jun 1900Vestal, Broome, New York I63888
41 NOYES Levi "Lee" H.  5 Jul 1870Vestal, Broome, New York I12898
42 NOYES Levi "Lee" H.  10 Jun 1880Vestal, Broome, New York I12898
43 NOYES Levi "Lee" H.  18 Jun 1900Vestal, Broome, New York I12898
44 NOYES Levi H.  16 Oct 1850Vestal, Broome, New York I12747
45 NOYES Minnie A.  26 Dec 1860Vestal, Broome, New York I12895
46 NOYES Minnie A.  5 Jul 1870Vestal, Broome, New York I12895
47 NOYES Permelia Rhoda  9 Jun 1880Vestal, Broome, New York I12875
48 NOYES Permelia Rhoda  16 Jun 1900Vestal, Broome, New York I12875
49 NOYES Samuel Haven  16 Oct 1850Vestal, Broome, New York I12878
50 RUSSELL Minnie  18 Jun 1900Vestal, Broome, New York I12901

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Census (State)

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census (State)    Person ID 
1 BULLOCK Barnett  3 Jun 1875Vestal, Broome, New York I12913
2 BULLOCK Lodema T.  1 Jun 1875Vestal, Broome, New York I33455
3 BULLOCK Olive E.  3 Jun 1875Vestal, Broome, New York I33459
4 KNIGHT Orrin  1 Jun 1875Vestal, Broome, New York I33456
5 NOYES Permelia Rhoda  3 Jun 1875Vestal, Broome, New York I12875


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 MASON / BAKER  23 Dec 1926Vestal, Broome, New York F13043
2 NOYES / BUSWELL  1851Vestal, Broome, New York F2268