Leicester, Addison, Vermont


Tree: Noyes Family Genealogy

Latitude: 43.8666700, Longitude: -73.1083300


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ESTES Ada M.  17 Oct 1887Leicester, Addison, Vermont I52871
2 ESTES Adah M.  3 Aug 1860Leicester, Addison, Vermont I51895
3 ESTES Adelia Nancy  24 Jul 1854Leicester, Addison, Vermont I51893
4 ESTES Orris D.  12 Jun 1858Leicester, Addison, Vermont I51894
5 ESTES Orville A.  9 Nov 1852Leicester, Addison, Vermont I51892
6 HANKS Eva  Leicester, Addison, Vermont I52868
7 HARE Adelaide  Abt 1848Leicester, Addison, Vermont I51889
8 HARE Alonzo  1824Leicester, Addison, Vermont I17096
9 NOYES Ada Mindwell  29 May 1828Leicester, Addison, Vermont I17094
10 NOYES Adna  1795Leicester, Addison, Vermont I16943
11 NOYES Adoch Midewell  1829Leicester, Addison, Vermont I114148
12 NOYES Arabella R.  1835Leicester, Addison, Vermont I17082
13 NOYES Freedom W.  25 Jun 1826Leicester, Addison, Vermont I17079
14 NOYES George R.  1837Leicester, Addison, Vermont I17083
15 NOYES Jabez Russell  2 Jun 1797Leicester, Addison, Vermont I16941
16 NOYES Laura A.  25 May 1831Leicester, Addison, Vermont I17081
17 NOYES Lorin B.  Abt 1827Leicester, Addison, Vermont I17080
18 NOYES Naaman "Gilbert"  1802Leicester, Addison, Vermont I16945
19 NOYES Naaman Balch  21 Oct 1835Leicester, Addison, Vermont I17095
20 NOYES Roxanna  1793Leicester, Addison, Vermont I16942
21 NOYES Russell  1800Leicester, Addison, Vermont I16944


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 FIELD Nathaniel Reed  4 May 1863Leicester, Addison, Vermont I52988
2 FIELD Nathaniel Reed  4 May 1863Leicester, Addison, Vermont I33083
3 GIBSON Abraham  11 Nov 1866Leicester, Addison, Vermont I24382
4 GRAVES Millicent Amelia "Millie"  16 Sep 1852Leicester, Addison, Vermont I16799
5 HUNT Sally  13 Mar 1826Leicester, Addison, Vermont I52865
6 NOYES Gilbert  11 Apr 1858Leicester, Addison, Vermont I16796
7 NOYES Jabez Russell  14 Jul 1874Leicester, Addison, Vermont I16941


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 GRAVES Millicent Amelia "Millie"  Aft 16 Sep 1852Leicester, Addison, Vermont I16799
2 HUNT Sally  Aft 13 Mar 1826Leicester, Addison, Vermont I52865


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 GRAVES Millicent Amelia "Millie"  29 Aug 1850Leicester, Addison, Vermont I16799
2 HARE Adelaide  29 Aug 1850Leicester, Addison, Vermont I51889
3 HARE Fanny  29 Aug 1850Leicester, Addison, Vermont I51888
4 NOYES Ada Mindwell  29 Aug 1850Leicester, Addison, Vermont I17094
5 NOYES Arabella R.  29 Aug 1850Leicester, Addison, Vermont I17082
6 NOYES Fremon  29 Aug 1850Leicester, Addison, Vermont I51891
7 NOYES George R.  29 Aug 1850Leicester, Addison, Vermont I17083
8 NOYES Gilbert  29 Aug 1850Leicester, Addison, Vermont I16796
9 NOYES Lorin B.  29 Aug 1850Leicester, Addison, Vermont I17080
10 NOYES Naaman Balch  29 Aug 1850Leicester, Addison, Vermont I17095


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ESTES / NOYES  3 May 1851Leicester, Addison, Vermont F6540
2 NOYES / HUNT  1 Jun 1820Leicester, Addison, Vermont F20953
3 NOYES / WHITMAN  1826Leicester, Addison, Vermont F6486